2 Examples of Automated Technology for Cleaning Your Gutters & Solar Panels After a Storm

Posted on: 11 March 2015

Cleaning your gutters and roof windows after a storm is one of those jobs you probably sincerely wish you could outsource to an automated robot. This is not just so you don't have to do it yourself, but also because automated systems can likely keep these areas clean much more effectively than you could by yourself. Luckily, automated cleaning technology is now here; here are just two examples.

Gutter Cleaning Robots  

There are robots now available that can clean your gutters for you automatically. You just have to put the robot up there, and it will move along the gutter on treads by itself. A device at the head of the robot spins rapidly, shooting leaves, dirt, water and other debris out from the gutter.

This makes it so you don't have to go in there and do it by hand. Some of these robots can clean 30 feet of gutter in just 5 minutes. Many of them also allow you to hold them and use them manually if you'd prefer to do that.

The robots run on a rechargeable battery, and you can usually get 200 feet of gutter cleaned on a full charge. Many of the robots have a range of 50 or 60 feet as well, so you can have the robot reverse direction and come back to you while you wait.

There are gutter cleaning services that will also operate this robot for you if you'd prefer not to buy it yourself.

Glass Roof and Solar Panel Cleaning  

Currently, automated robots for cleaning your roof focus mostly on the glass parts, such as any solar panels you have or your glass sunroof. These robotic aids are often more stationary than their gutter brothers.

It's important to clean solar panels regularly if you have them though, since you could lose as much as 30% of their potential energy-collecting ability if you allow leaves and other debris to block their sunlight.

The only thing that you have to do with the stationary systems is periodically refill their soap repositories. Everything else happens automatically. You can make it so the system washes itself every day if you want.

It can be set to any pattern you like. The system tends to need 110 volts of power for the controller. Most experts recommend that you wash solar panels at least once every one or two weeks in order to achieve maximum sunlight advantage from your panels.

Learn more about how you can get your gutters and roof clean without lifting a finger by consulting resources such as WorkPro Window Gutter & Pressure Cleaning Ltd.