Adding Curb Appeal To Your Home's Exterior

Posted on: 5 June 2015

If you are a homeowner who is going to be selling in the near future, you may have wondered if there were a few renovations you could do to your house in order to get more money for it when it goes up for sale. There are several ways to add curb appeal to your home, attracting potential customers and adding extra money in your pocket, as well.

Here are a few projects that would boost your home's value in a big way, making it worthwhile to spend for each one as they would pay for themselves when you sell your home:

Windows And Doors

People looking for a new home look for houses will pay more for a house that has new windows and doors. If you cannot afford to change out every single window, put your focus on the front of the home. Putting in energy-efficient windows can increase the appeal of your home.

Consider putting in a picture window to create an area with more natural light inside.

Make sure all front windows are clean and shiny before having people come to look at the home with their realtor. Pick out a unique-looking door as this is the first part of the home that buyers will view when coming for a visit. Pick a new style, a great coloring, or a door with intricate window panes for an exciting, new look.


It is important to have the landscaping around your home free of brambly bushes and weeds. Keep your foliage trimmed and your lawn cut to improve on the appearance. Take special care in putting flower pots or hanging plants on your front porch area. Landscape the front walk with some flowers planted along the sides or along the front of your home, using mulch to place around each plant and using stones or edging to keep the area neat and safe.


Coordinate the coloring of your windows and doors with the paint color of your home. In many cases, putting in new windows and a new door, can save you from needing to paint the exterior of your home. Picking colors that complement each other will draw the eyes away from the base-color of the home and to the windows and door area.

If the home is in desperate need of a paint job, then go ahead and give it a fresh coat. If it is in decent shape, you can play up the color with decor you use on your front porch, as well. To learn more, contact a company like Rusco Industries with any questions you have.