The Benefits of Installing Window Film on Your Office Building

Posted on: 17 July 2015

If your office building has several large windows in it, you should think about having window film put on them. That puts an end to constantly adjusting shades to follow the sun's rays. Window film offers other nice benefits too, so the investment is money well spent. Here's how window film can benefit your office.

Increase Natural Lighting

If you keep shades closed most of the day to block heat and glare, your office can take on a dreary appearance. When you have window film applied, you can leave the shades up all day and let natural light pour into your space. If you choose a light color for the film, your office will have a lot of natural light that makes it easier to read, and keeps colors from being distorted. Natural light may even lift the mood of your employees and make them feel like they are in an open space rather than boxed into a cubicle.

Improve Energy Efficiency

One big benefit of window film is it reduces heat transfer. That means it keeps the hot sun out in the summer and keeps warmed air inside in the winter. You should see a reduction in your power bill when you have film put on your windows. The film also reflects the sun's rays to reduce solar heating in your building. This reduces hot spots in certain locations, like desks near south-side windows. It is then easier to maintain a constant temperature throughout your building and you won't have to deal with complaints of employees near windows being hot while those away from windows being too cold.

Add Privacy without Blocking View

When you choose a dark color for the window film, it's difficult for people on the street to see inside the building. This allows you to have privacy on the inside without the need for shades or blinds. Your employees will still be able to see outside and monitor the weather and see what's going on, which can mean a lot when they are stuck in an office all day.

Block Glare and UV Rays

Another benefit of putting window film on your office windows is that it blocks glare. This is helpful if your employees use computers. Otherwise, you'll need to keep the shades closed so employees can read their monitors. Blocking UV rays also helps protect your equipment and furnishings. Office carpet and upholstery will gradually fade from sun exposure through unprotected glass. They maintain their vibrant colors longer when you install window film.

There are different types of window film, so you'll want to hire a professional installer like Reflec Tech window tinting and discuss your options. For example, films made with metallic bits are great at reflecting the sun, but they can also block cell phone and Wi-Fi signals, so they're not the best choice for an office setting. You may want dyed, ceramic, or hybrid film depending on the degree of darkness and energy efficiency you need.