How To Choose Molding And Cap Pieces

Posted on: 12 August 2015

The style of your windows and doors will have a huge impact on the overall style of your interior and exterior. Most commonly, homeowners remodel the exterior side of their frames because they age much quicker. The constant exposure to rain and sunshine can deteriorate wooden frames over time. However, you might also need to remodel the interior side of your frames after after a number of years. Molding, just like other design elements, can look outdated after a few years. This article will explain what to look for when installing molding around recessed door and window frames.

Choose Your Cap Pieces

You will need two special pieces of wood to add molding to a recessed window or door frame. First, you will need the cap piece. The cap piece is a thin veneer of hardwood, that is usually about 1/8" thick. It goes around the inside edge of the recessed part of the window, covering the space between the window frame and the edge of the wall. You want the casing to be as thin as possible so it does not interfere with the functionality of the windows.

However, if you think that your window frames are too wide, you can install a thicker casing that will cover the extra space on the outside edges of the frame. The cap piece is usually perfectly flat and made out of hardwood. In the end, it will be painted or stained the same color as the molding.

Choosing Your Molding Pieces

Most importantly, you will need to choose your molding piece. It is a good idea to choose a molding style that matches the styles of the baseboard and trim around the rest of your home. Wider molding with more decorative miters look more dynamic and sturdy. But, do not choose a product that will overpower the whole room. Be especially careful to not use large molding on small windows.

These bad proportions will make the windows look even smaller and awkward. The inside edge of the molding is installed flush with the outside edge of the cap piece. Then, the contractor will put wood putty in the crack to make the line nearly invisible. In the end, when the cap and molding pieces are painted and patched, they will look like one solid piece of wood.

Recessed doors and windows look neutral and often go unnoticed. By adding molding to your windows and doors from a retailer like Alartco Windows & Doors Manufacturing, you will definitely make them stand out more. It is a great remodel that will increase the value of your property and make any room more stylish. This is a technical installation so you should let a professional contractor handle it.