Two Great Ways To Get Glass Shower Doors

Posted on: 23 June 2017

One of the best way to upgrade a bathroom is to install a glass shower door. It is a perfect upgrade if you currently have a shower rod and curtain set up. They look much more permanent and sturdy. Glass shower doors can also make your room look bigger, highlight custom shower tile designs, and give the room a more upscale, high-class style. There are two ways to go about upgrading to glass shower doors: you can self-install a glass shower door kit or have a seamless glass door custom-installed. This article explains the differences between the two products.

Glass Shower Door Kits

Glass shower door kits are very popular because they are so affordable, and homeowners who do their own installation save even more money. However, most kits only work on standard size bathtub basins. This automatically eliminates it as an option for many homeowners. If you can find a kit for your tub basin, you should have no problem installing.

Each job is slightly different, depending on the material of your sidewalls, the size and height of your door, the hardware that you use, and the particular brand that you choose. But, the basic premise for installation is the same. The glass hangs from a rail that runs from wall to wall. There is guider track that is installed directly onto the tub basin. Most installations can be done by one person, except for the part where you actually hang the glass from the top rail. For safety purposes, you want two people to lift the glass. Glass door kits are great for homeowners who want to upgrade their shower, but have a limited budget.

Custom, Seamless Enclosures

Custom enclosures are definitely more expensive and should only be installed by professionals. Many people want an enclosure that runs from the floor to the ceiling. These require much thicker glass panes, which are significantly more expensive. The labor costs for custom installation are also sizable. Often, the installer has to make reinforcements to the walls or floors so they can safely hold the weight of the large glass panes.

Even though they are more expensive, a seamless shower enclosure can have a bigger impact on your bathroom style. They can make your room look much more modern and stylish. They look great with tile shower basins and walls because you can see the beautiful tile work through the seamless doors. For assistance, talk to a professional like Beach Glass & Window Company.