Modern Window Features To Consider

Posted on: 17 December 2017

Window replacement is one of the most desirable home remodels. Homeowners often want to replace their windows not only to change the style, but also to have more functional and energy efficient fixtures in their home. Modern windows have amazing features and capabilities that old window simply don't have.

Choosing the Right Features

Most people who invest in new windows are excited by all the possibilities that modern technology offers. This article explains a few things that you should consider when it comes to modern window technologies. Some features are probably under unnecessary and you might never use them, while others will be extremely useful to you.

Smart Windows

Perhaps the biggest advancement in modern windows is the adoption of smart technologies. That is, many windows can be controlled wirelessly using a smart phone application. This involves much more than just opening or closing the windows. It also involves complete integration of the security system. Being able to monitor your windows in real time, and control them no matter where you are is a huge perk. For instance, if you left your house for a vacation and think that you may have forgot to closed or lock a window, you cannot only check this, but you can actually close and lock the window from a smart phone app.

You can also set up immediate push notifications if any of the windows are breached or opened during certain hours. In fact, you can also have a message sent directly to your security provider if anything like this happens when you are away from home. Basically, you have a very secure system that is also very convenient.

Between-the-Glass Blinds

Many modern windows are also built with between-the-glass blinds. This just means that the blinds are in between the two panes of glass. These definitely have a few advantages, but some people don't like the way they look. Your blinds won't get dirty and dusty, so you don't need to worry about clean up. Also, they have very easy-to-use control mechanisms. That is, with a simple push of a button, you can open, close, or retract your blinds. Of course, if you choose smart windows, you can open and close your blinds within the smart phone application.


Modern windows are built with a lot of nice new features. They are also built with higher quality, lighter, and more energy efficient materials. No matter how you look at it, modern windows are going to be a welcome upgrade. Contact a company, like AAA Blind & Shutter Factory , for more help.