Three Reasons Why New Windows Boost Your Home's Resale Value

Posted on: 25 January 2018

When you are considering selling your home, a lot of thought goes into how to stage your current home for potential buyers. There are a lot of different home improvement and maintenance tasks which you can complete to boost the potential value of your home. Your windows, which are one of the largest installations on the exterior walls of your home, represent a great opportunity for you to boost your home's value. Understanding some of the ways that replacement windows can boost your home's value can help you decide if this is the right home improvement for you to undertake.

Aesthetic Considerations

The most noticeable benefit that your home would gain from a new set of windows is an increase in the amount of natural light that the interior of your home receives. This is because older windows can suffer from condensation to the glass in certain weather conditions, as well as a general cloudiness or loss of clarity, which can occur over time as dirt accumulates. In addition, old and damaged frames can be an eyesore on the exterior of your house and reduce the curb appeal that your home holds. Replacing these frames with newer and easier to open frames that have not yet seen a great deal of weather exposure can be aesthetically pleasing.

Energy Savings

On a more practical level, a new set of windows will also provide a stronger insulative barrier against the weather outside than your old windows do. This will help reduce drafts and heat exchange between the outdoors and the interior of your home, which will make it easier for your central heating and cooling units to maintain a stable and comfortable temperature throughout the year. This will also reduce your energy bills throughout the year – making replacing your windows a good financial decision even if you decide not to move, as these energy savings will help pay against the initial cost of a new set of windows.


Finally, if you are looking to improve the resale value of your home, you may want to look at new windows that come with built-in security features, like safety glass and multiple locking mechanisms, to increase the difficulty that a potential intruder would have in gaining access to your home. In a related vein, you may also want to consider installing childproofed security features if potential buyers are likely to be new families.