Splitting Up A Big Picture Window When It Needs To Be Replaced

Posted on: 11 July 2018

Big picture windows are really nice if you have a view that is worth seeing. Of course, many people find that, over time, big picture windows are a bit of a hassle. When it comes time to replace your picture window, you can break up that space, if you would like. Here is how.

Two Single Windows as Replacements

When the big picture window is removed, your window installers can install two simple, single windows in the big space left by the picture window. These windows can open outward, via a hand crank, to catch the breezes coming from either direction. This is a very basic solution, but one that installs quickly and breaks up the large space quite well.

Smaller Windows Framed by Transom Windows Above

Another option is to create a more decorative look using two smaller windows side by side, and a larger transom window spanning over the tops of the two smaller windows. The large space is effectively broken by two sash windows, while the transom window above creates visual aesthetic value. You can also use a panel of stained glass over the tops of the two smaller windows to get a lot more color into the room.

Sidelights and One or Two Smaller Windows

Sidelights are small vertical window panels. They can flank one smaller picture window or two other smaller windows to fill the space left by the big picture window. For added flare, make the sidelight windows and the main windows shorter and add a transom window (with or without stained glass) above these windows.

A Series of Sidelights

This is quite an unusual approach, but not an impossible one. Several custom sidelight windows in a frame are installed in the picture window space. A lot of times the beveled glass in sidelight windows casts rainbows and split rays of light, creating a glowing and colorful effect on the room. They also help block the view of the neighbors who may be trying to peer in, and now cannot because you replaced the picture window with several sidelight windows instead.

Want a Mock-Up?

If you have a hard time imagining all the ways in which you can replace a big picture window, ask your window expert to provide computerized mock-up drawings. These drawings can switch different windows in and out of position until you see something you really like. Then the window expert can give you an estimate on what it would cost to replace the big window with the window options and design you like best.

For more information, contact a company that offers replacement windows in your area.