3 Tips For Hiring A Professional To Install Your Christmas Lights

Posted on: 2 November 2020

If you want to get into the Christmas spirit, one of the best ways to do so is by installing Christmas lights on the outside of your home. Christmas light displays can bring you and all your neighbor's joy. Installing Christmas lights can be time-consuming and laborious, though, which is why you may want to outsource this task and hire a professional to install your Christmas lights this year.

Tip #1: Always Make Sure They Are Insured

When you look to hire someone to install your Christmas lights, be sure to confirm that they are a licensed business and that they carry insurance.

You want to make sure they have insurance that will take care of any workers should they get injured while putting up the Christmas lights, and you want to make sure that their insurance policy would cover any damage to your home. Hopefully, this would not be needed, but you always want to be on the safe side when working with a Christmas light installer.

Tip #2: Find Out What Type of Lights They Use

Many Christmas light installers don't just put up the lights; they provide the lights as well. Be sure to find out where they get the lights and what type of lights they will use. Ideally, you may want to use LED or other energy-saving lights so that you can enjoy a bright display without a huge electricity bill. You will want to make sure the lights used on your home are commercial grade Christmas lights.

You can purchase the lights yourself as well. Many installers can install your lights and figures.

Tip #3: Ask about Problem Resolution Policies

Hopefully, when you are putting up a lot of lights, everything goes great and the lights last all season long. However, things can happen. For example, a light strand could go out, or a light fixture could get blown over.

In that case, it is best to find out if the installer you use has a problem resolution policy for dealing with issues that may come up after your lights are installed. Ensure there is a stated policy for dealing with issues with your light display that may arise later. Find out if they will come out and fix the problem, how long their response time will be, and if there will be any additional fees.

If you want to put up a professional-looking Christmas display, you will want to hire an installation team as soon as possible. Verify their insurance policy, problem resolution policy, and make sure they use high-quality lights. Hire an installer whose work you like. Contact a Christmas light installation company for more information.