Have a Small Living Room? Install Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Posted on: 24 February 2021

As a homeowner, you may sometimes think about moving out into another place that does a better job of meeting your wants and needs. If you find that your living room looks and feels too small to enjoy the space fully, you should consider an alternative to moving out of the house.

When you do not want to expand the living room, you should make plans to hire window installation professionals and put in floor-to-ceiling windows on one of the walls. Here's why.

Natural Lighting

A major benefit of windows that span from the floor to your ceiling is that they will bring in a lot more natural light than standard-sized windows. These windows can illuminate every part of the living room, which will make it look and feel better than it currently does. If you add a couple mirrors to the other walls, you can make the living room look even brighter during the day.

While some living rooms may only have room for floor-to-ceiling windows along one wall, you should look at all the exterior walls to find out which one will provide the most natural lighting.


Adding windows will not give you additional space to roam around in the living room, but it will give you an increased sense of openness. Filling an entire wall with floor-to-ceiling windows gives you an expansive outside view, which will play a huge role in making the room feel larger.

If you install windows on a wall that looks out to the backyard, you will love being able to watch your children or pets play outside while you are relaxing in the living room. You may also want to rearrange the furniture to remove any visual obstructions blocking the view from the windows.


While you are spending time at home, you may find that a stuffy living room can make the space feel smaller than normal. As soon as you install floor-to-ceiling windows, you will gain a huge opportunity for bringing in fresh air and improve the airflow throughout the living room.

Any time the temperature is comfortable outside, you can look forward to opening the windows and letting the fresh air inside to help with filtering out stale air.

Although you may have a small living room in your home, you can look forward to enjoying these benefits after working with an installation company to add floor-to-ceiling windows.