Getting New Windows? Know These Two Things About Window Grids

Posted on: 8 September 2021

There are many design choices that go into selecting new windows for your home. One of those things is the type of window grid that separates the glass. Here are some things that you need to know about window grids before you pick windows out for your home.

Window Grids May Be Structural

One thing to keep in mind about window grids is that they may be a structural part of the window. This is known as true divided light, where each window grid actually separates panes of glass. It is common in single-pane windows, where the grid is part of the structure of the window and actually uses separate pieces of glass. If you were to have one of those panes of glass break, you will only need to replace that portion of the glass that is broken.

Window Grids Can Be Purely Aesthetic 

Other windows will fake the window grids so that they have the aesthetic, but it is still one pane of glass. This is more common with double or triple-pane glass where the grid is on top of the window and a solid piece of glass is beneath. 

There is also a third way the grid is installed, which is a technique known as grid between glass. The grid is actually located between the two window panes, which has its own pros and cons. Having the grid between the glass can cause the grid to look like a different color than the rest of the window. However, it is cheaper than having the grid on top of the glass since less material is used. 

Window Grids Can Include Shadow Bars 

If you select a window grid that is on top of the glass, know that you have the option to put a shadow bar between the bars on the inside and outside of the glass. As the sun comes in at an angle, it's possible that the sun casts two shadows on the ground from both parts of the window grid. A shadow bar fills in the gap and only shows one set of grid shadows. 

A shadow bar also prevents you from seeing the backside of the grid when looking through your window. Without a shadow bar, you'd see the adhesive that holds the window grid material to the glass. The need for a shadow bar is a personal preference, and it's up to you if you want it. 

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