Energy-Efficient Windows To Improve Your Home's Comfort And Save You Money

Posted on: 26 October 2021

Replacing your home's windows with energy-efficient models can make you comfortable all year round and also save you money. The purpose of any window replacement is to improve the look and function of your home. Replacement windows are an investment that will increase the value of your home over time. The following information covers some of the things that you want to consider as you update your home:

Are You Ready to Replace Your Windows?

Windows control ventilation, provide privacy, and insulate your home against extremes of climate. Replacing them can significantly affect your utility bills and your comfort.

Windows are expensive to replace, so you need to take special care to choose the right ones the first time. First, you are want to evaluate your home to decide if you even need to replace the windows. In general, if your home is old and the windows have never been replaced, replacement windows can be a great investment to add value.

Replacement Window Costs vs. Features

Windows are one of the power suckers in your home. Energy costs are rising fast, and new window technology will lower costs. Thus, you want to consider the features of replacement windows to know how much an investment in replacing them will pay off.

First, start by comparing the windows you have now to windows that are more energy efficient. You can do this by looking at the company's rating with the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council). The better the NFRC rating, the better the window. The NFRC rating tells you how efficient the window is. 

Next, look at the features you consider most important. The most important features in windows for most people are how well they block heat and how well they let light in. You want a window that lets in as much light as possible without letting in too much heat. A window that allows for too much heat gain can make your home uncomfortable, and a window that lets in too little light makes your house too dark.

Windows with low-e glass are more efficient at letting light in and can reduce cooling costs in the summer. In addition to low-e models, other options include glass that has double panes with argon gas to help keep heat in during the winter.

Windows typically come in two basic styles: double-hung and sliding. Double-hung windows are two glass panels held together by a central hinge. They have movable sashes to open and close. Sliding windows are two glass panels that slide past each other.

Consider Replacement Window Guarantees

The window industry has a long history. During that long history, several competing systems of warranties have developed. Each system has advantages and disadvantages. Thus, you want to choose wisely.

A typical window installation includes a manufacturer's warranty and a warranty from a window installer. Many systems use the standard manufacturer's warranty. This is the standard warranty, but other companies also offer their own warranties, with one big difference being that these warranties last longer. These warranties do cost a little extra but might be worth it if you are making a big investment in replacing all the windows in your home.

Contact a window replacement contractor to discuss replacing the windows in your home with more energy-efficient materials.