3 Different Types Of Skylights

Posted on: 13 January 2022

Adding skylights to your home is a great way to get more natural light without compromising your privacy. It is also a great way to lower energy costs and increase ventilation. There are numerous styles and types to choose from when it comes to installing skylights in your home. Here are a few top choices that you should consider.  

#1: Ventilating 

If you want a skylight that can do everything, you will want to consider installing ventilating skylights in your home. Ventilated skylights are great because they are not just a big stationary piece of glass hanging out on your ceiling; they open and allow you to enjoy top-down airflow into your home. Ventilated skylights take up a lot of space on your ceiling. However, they do open up and allow you to enjoy enhanced airflow. Modern ventilated skylights also use electronic controls to allow for easy operations.  

Ventilated skylights are popular in bathrooms and kitchens, where ventilation is often required and necessary. 

#2: Fixed 

Another type of skylight is a fixed skylight. With a fixed skylight, you will not be able to enjoy enhanced ventilation from your skylight, as it will not open. However, you will get to enjoy lots of extra light in your space. This is especially great if you have high ceilings, where you don't need extra ventilation, but you want to enjoy extra light. You can enjoy light during the day and take in the stars at night. 

These skylights typically are rectangular shaped, more like a typical window.  

#3: Tubular 

A tubular skylight has a different structure than what most people first think about when they think of a skylight. Rectangular windows are rather large and require a lot of space. Tubular windows don't require the same amount of space. They are circular windows with a tube that goes from the roof to whatever room you are installing the skylight in. The tube is structured to direct natural light down the shaft and into your space. 

Tubular skylights work well in spaces where there is space between your ceiling and the roof and where you don't have a lot of ceiling space for a skylight, but you want to enjoy natural sunlight.  

If you want to enjoy more natural light in your space, one way to do that is by adding a skylight. A ventilated skylight will allow you to enjoy airflow. A fixed skylight or a tubular skylight will enable you to access natural light in your space. Contact a company that offers skylight products for sale to learn more.