Need New Windows? Install Double Hung Windows

Posted on: 31 August 2022

If your home needs new windows you have many types to choose from. One type is a double-hung window. Keep reading to learn about these windows, as well as the benefits of choosing this type of window.  You can then hire a contractor to install the windows for you and start enjoying them. 

Double-Hung Windows

With double-hung windows, you can move both the top and bottom sash. With standard windows, only the bottom sash moves up and down. When looking at double-hung windows you cannot tell the difference even though they are very different. 

Because double-hung windows have two sashes it does cost more to install them. The actual windows will also be more expensive when compared to traditional windows. With all the benefits these windows provide, however, this extra cost is well worth it. 

Double-Hung Windows Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of double-hung windows is they are easier to clean when compared to standard windows. This is because when you open a sash you can tilt it inside. This allows you to clean the exterior window from inside your home. This is especially beneficial if your home has more than one floor. Both the bottom and the top sash will tilt. They also tilt far enough so you can clean the entire window. 

Another benefit of double-hung windows is they provide more ventilation. Being able open the top and the bottom sash at the same time allows more air to come through the window. This is beneficial if your home is stuffy or if you are in a kitchen where you want to remove odors or if you get too hot from cooking. 

Double-hung windows are safer when compared to traditional windows. If you have children or pets and open a traditional window this can be dangerous. This is because a child or pet could easily climb through a window and fall through it. With double-hung windows, you can only open the top sash preventing children or pets from climbing through the window. This allows you to have great ventilation without having to worry about someone getting injured. This is even safer if you have double-hung windows in the upper floors of your home. 

Talk with a contractor that sells and installs double-hung windows with a guarantee and they can give you much more information. They can also show you the different colors and finishes that are available for you to purchase.