High Impact Windows Are A Great Idea For Any Small Business

Posted on: 12 October 2022

If your business is located in the middle of an area that is prone to tornadoes or hurricanes, you likely already have some idea of what you should do when you see bad news on the weather report. But if you want an extra layer of protection for your small business that goes far beyond just boarding up the windows, you should consider replacing the windows themselves with a version that can stand up to a high-impact situation. Here's how contacting a high-impact window supplier can benefit your business immediately and for many years to come.

Reduce Your Business or Hurricane Insurance Premiums

You are likely already carrying some kind of business insurance for your building and hopefully, you also have a policy for hurricanes, tornadoes, or flooding if your area is prone to these things. You will still of course have to carry these policies to protect yourself, but let your insurance provider know that you have upgraded to high-impact windows, and you may be able to lower your premium payments going forward. That's because insurance providers know that high-impact windows can help prevent damage during a bad storm and make it less likely that you will need a large payout after the next tornado or hurricane rolls through.

Keep the Inside of Your Store or Office as Quiet as Possible So Everyone Can Stay Focused

High-impact windows are designed to stop the wind, but they are also great at stopping outside sound. If your business is located on a busy street where there are a lot of cars or a lot of foot traffic, the outside commotion could be distracting for employees or customers inside your building. With high-impact windows and maybe a window shade or two, you can limit distractions or interruptions to your business and keep employees focused on the matter at hand.

Impact Windows Stop the Wind and Sound But Can Also Stop or Deter a Thief

One additional benefit these types of windows provide is that they can cause a thief targeting your business to move on to an easier target rather quickly. If that rock they threw at your window bounces right off with a loud thud, they are likely to go running and go searching for an easier point of entry at another building that's not yours.

Contact a high-impact window supplier today to discuss your specific needs or for more information.