Plantation Shutters — A Stylish Upgrade With Benefits

Posted on: 9 February 2023

Plantation shutters insulate windows. These types of window coverings contain louvered slats. The slats allow an end user to control how much light is filtered indoors. Shop for a shutter product that complements your style preferences. Then, review the basics associated with installing the shutter pieces.

Plantation Shutter Styles

Plastic, wood, and composite wood products are used to construct plantation shutter pieces. Plantation shutters are designed to lay flat over a window. Hardware is used to anchor the framework and louvered slat sections that comprise a plantation window covering. Plantation shutter styles include coverings with straight sides and ones with rounded sides. Plantation shutters can be used to cover any type of residential window or commercial window. 

Shopping Tips

Shop for plantation shutters that are a color and style that blend with the design elements in your home or business. Plantation shutters contain louvered slats that are various thicknesses and widths. The number of slats that comprise a louvered section may influence the amount of sunlight that filters in when the louvered sections are open. If you would like to invest in a low-maintenance window covering, shop for shutter products that contain smooth washable surfaces and a minimal amount of details in their design.

Keep in mind that some materials that plantation shutters are constructed of may offer more thermal properties than others. Thick wooden slats that have been treated with a protectant, for instance, may offer more thermal resistance than a lightweight plantation shutter product that is made of PVC pieces.


The installation of each plantation shutter that you purchase will require you to prepare the framework pieces first. Remove each shutter product from its packaging. Lay the shutter pieces on a table. First, locate all of the frame pieces. These pieces will extend around the window that the shutter is being installed over. A manufacturer may feature shutter pieces that contain pre-drilled holes. If so, you will only need to thread each hole with the corresponding hardware.

Once the first frame has been constructed, align it over the window. Use a power drill to secure the frame. Next, assemble all of the louvered sections. Use hinge pins and screws to attach the louvered sections to the central part of the frame. Once the first plantation shutter has been installed, adjust the louvers. The manner in which you adjust them will increase or decrease the amount of sunlight that filters indoors.